The Array System

We're thrilled to introduce our first furniture design, the Array System - a modular shelving system that is minimal in the best sense. Our experience restoring vintage furniture has taught us specific construction techniques that withstand the test of time and has led us to design the pure and simple, Array System.

Designed to maximize book storage in small living spaces, the shelves easily fit two rows of 14" art books while also fitting beneath most windows. With multiple shelves, the legs mesh together creating a monolithic shelf where many become one.

We value finishes that highlight the intrinsic beauty of natural materials. The legs are made from solid tulipwood also known as poplar, a traditional structural wood with colorful hues. The boards are 3/4" maple plywood, a classic favorite for high-quality furniture.

Dado and rabbet joinery is a testament to strength, durability and longevity of furniture that is built to last beyond decades.

Combine different sizes to customize storage on any wall. Shelves photographed here are 31.5" H and 2 feet and 3 feet wide.

Designed in 2020 by Lisa Staugaard and Eli Allman for Iridium Interiors in Los Angeles, CA.